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Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a process that combines the exsting asphalt, gravel base, and sub-grade materials. They are then pulverized and mixed together. Water is added to the pulverized material to achieve the proper moisture content for compaction and then the recycled material is set to grade. Next, the cement is blended in which results in a stronger, stabilized base course.


The end product is a low maintenance, performance improved parking lot or roadway that will last for many years.

Full-depth reclamation (FDR) uses the old surface and base material. There’s no need to haul in aggregate or haul out old material for disposal. Truck traffic is reduced, and there is little or no waste. Most importantly, recycling costs are significantly less than the removal and replacement of the old surface.


Benefits of Full Depth Reclamation

1.) Saves Time and Money

2.) Minimizes weather related delays

3.) Maximizes use of low cost on site materials

4.) Permanently increases sub-grade strength

5.) Improves density & compaction rates

6.) Has excellent Freeze-thaw resistance


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